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May 15, 2022

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 Industry Leading Organizations’ Secret Weapon when it comes to Corporate Gifting.
With our Custom, White- Label Gifting Campaigns, you can send corporate gifts that feel like they are coming directly from your team (if your team were really, really good at creating beautiful gifts). 

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What is a Corporate Gift? 

And what is the difference between our Custom Corporate Gifting, Ready-To-Send Gifting & Pre-Curated Catalog Gifting options?

Virtual event gift box with branded shipping tape and note card | Box+Wood Gift Company

Here at Box+Wood Gift Company, you know that we specialize in Corporate Gifting… but have you ever wondered exactly what is a Corporate Gift? 

Corporate Gifting is the exchange of a gift from a business or organization to a stakeholder… that could be an employee, a client, an investor, an advisor, a member, a speaker at a conference, a prospective client, etc. Just like the range of recipients is almost endless, the reason for gifting can be extremely widespread. Showing appreciation, encouragement, prospecting clients, marketing… the list goes on!

While a Corporate Gift can be anything from a trip or experience to a fruit basket, here at Box+Wood Gift Company, we focus on creating thoughtful, more updated gift boxes (typically) that feel more personal than a generic gift purchased off of a large retailers website. Whether you choose to go with a Custom Corporate Gift Campaign, Pre-Curated Catalog Gifts, or a Ready-To-Send Gift, we strive to make every gift feel like it is coming directly from your team! That means your recipients will see your logo, not ours. 

Now that we’ve defined what is a Corporate Gift, let’s go into the difference between each of our gifting options! 

Corporate Gift Boxes for Employees | Custom Corporate Gift Box | Box+Wood Gift Company

Custom Corporate Gifting

Custom Corporate GIfting is our team’s bread & butter, and it makes up the majority of the projects we take on. With a custom campaign, we will work with you to design gifts that fit your brand, event, themes, or concept specifically… so you know you are getting the most bang for your gifting budget. This option also includes the most “face time” with our team, so we get to build a real relationship with our Custom Corporate Gifting clients… which is the highlight of our job! 

With Custom Corporate Gifting Campaigns, we will kick off with an introductory call to learn more about you and your project. On this call, we will chat about specifics, like the items you are interested in, the project timeline, design concepts, etc. These calls typically last 15-20 minutes, and after we wrap them up, we will move into the proposal phase of our process.

During the proposal phase, our team will pull together gift ideas based on what we discussed on our call. It usually takes our team 2-3 days to create a custom proposal, and each proposal includes mock-ups of the gift(s), a pricing breakdown & timeline. This stage of the design process is super collaborative and we are more than happy to offer unlimited revisions to get to a corporate gift design that you and your team love! 

Just a note- your corporate gift doesn’t have to be a gift box… we love to think “out of the box” (sorry for the pun) and come up with creative ideas and options to upgrade and add intention to your organization’s corporate gifting campaigns! Whether it’s packed gift bags or simply wrapping and adding custom cards to an individual item, we can elevate any internal or external facing campaign. 

After revisions, once we get to a perfect corporate gift, it is time for us to send over your contract & invoice! As soon as we receive those items back, our team jumps into the production phase. We will immediately begin sourcing your products and packaging, as well as reaching out to you to confirm details like logos to use and copy for any note cards or written collateral.

During the production phase, you can sit back and relax knowing your gifts are being taken care of! We may check in as items arrive, just to let you know that we are on track, but more than likely you won’t hear much from our team during this point of the process… until it comes time for us to collect your recipient’s shipping information. We request all addresses in our standard CSV format 7-14 days prior to shipment.  

Quick Facts- Custom Corporate Gifts have a project minimum of $4,500 and typically have a 4-6 week lead time. Have a tight turnaround time? We love a challenge, so please still reach out! 

Corporate Gift Boxes for Clients | Pre-Curated Corporate Catalog Gift with Custom Branded Gift Tags | Box+Wood Gift Company

Pre-Curated Catalog Gifts

Our Pre-Curated Catalog has been intentionally put together over the years to include our most requested themes and our favorite products. Catalog gifts are the perfect fit for our clients that are ready to send thoughtful Corporate Gifts to their clients, team, or partners… but don’t want to spend time going back and forth over a custom design.

Another common use case for our catalog gifts is clients whose focus is more on the message that sending a gift “sends” to the recipient, so they are more concerned about details like branding and timeline than the contents of the gift… Or, there have been many times that a client comes to us with a gift idea, and when we show them our Pre-Curated Catalog, they realize that a gift in the catalog represents their idea perfectly! We love when this happens because it streamlines and expedites the whole process (and affirms that our catalog designs are still in line with what our clients are looking for). 

One fun option that is available with our Pre-Curated Catalog Gifts is product swaps, the ability to use the catalog gift as a starting point but to update the gift but swapping out products or adding in additional products! With product swaps, we can customize your corporate gift to include branded items or simply update products to be more in line with any vibe or theme you have in mind! Some of our most common product swaps include taking a coffee-themed corporate gift and replacing the standard mug with a custom branded coffee mug or including a custom branded cocktail recipe in a cocktail-themed corporate gift box. 

Quick Facts- Our Pre-Curated Catalog Gifts have a 24 gift minimum and usually have a 3-4 week turnaround time. Looking to send less than 24? We can always warehouse your additional gifts (for free!) and send them out at a later date. 

Marketing Gifts for Clients | Ready-To-Send Corporate Gift Boxes | Box+Wood Gift Company

Ready-To-Send Corporate Gifts

Our Ready-To-Send Corporate Gifts are pretty self-explanatory… unlike all of our other categories, which require us to source specifically for your project, and therefore require a minimum order quantity and a longer turnaround time, our RTS Corporate Gifts are sitting in our warehouse and are ready to send out at a moments notice! You can order as few as one gift and we will ship it out within 2 business days. Every RTS Corporate Gift includes a handwritten card on our Box+Wood stationery, and if you envision sending multiple gifts with us, we can set you up with custom tags and cards that we will include with any gifts that you purchase from our store.

Quick Facts- Our Ready-To-Send Corporate Gifts have a minimum order of 1 gift and a turnaround time of 2 business days!

What is a Corporate Gift? Custom Corporate Gift Boxes | Box+Wood Gift Company

Work With Our Team

Whether you are looking to create something one of a kind with a Custom Corporate Gifting Campaign, update a Pre-Curated Catalog Gift with branded product swaps or send a single Ready-To-Send Corporate Gift, our team would be thrilled to work with you on your next Corporate Gifting project! 

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