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May 15, 2022

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Virtual Event Gift Boxes

Bring Virtual Events to Life with Custom Virtual Event Gift Boxes

Virtual Event Gift Boxes for Celebrations - Box+Wood Gift Company

While our team loves every project that we get to be a part of… virtual event gift boxes are definitely one of our favorites! We love them so much because they are usually on the larger side (our average virtual event gift send falls around 450 gifts) and they tend to include fully branded items, which we love to create and pull together. 

Virtual Event Gift Boxes - Custom Packaging with Logo - Box+Wood Gift Company

Corporate Virtual Event Gift Boxes 

In 2021, our team was fortunate enough to work with Homestar Financial to create celebratory, on-brand virtual event gift boxes for their annual award ceremony. These gifts were a joy for us to create because:

1. The team at Homestar is an absolute pleasure and were fun to work with!

2. Homestar Financial is based out of North Georgia, just like us, so it was fun to partner with a local friend!

3. These gifts had a tight turnaround time… meaning we got to use our creative & problem-solving muscles! 765 gifts with less than 3 weeks to pull them together meant working extra hard to ensure we partnered with vendors who, like us, strive to exceed expectations. Fortunately, we work with awesome vendor partners, so we were easily able to pull these gifts off!

Virtual Event Gift Boxes for Virtual Celebrations - Box+Wood Gift Company

Celebration Themed Virtual Event Gift Box

Creative Virtual Event Gift Box Packaging 

Virtual Event Gift Boxes in Custom Mailer Boxes

While it is not our most common packaging option, we utilized mailer boxes for these custom virtual event gift boxes because they were the perfect fit for the custom booklets! These booklets were one of the most important components of the gifts, because they include the details and information for the virtual awards ceremony, so it was a no-brainer to select the packaging around them.

Custom Tag & Ribbon

While mailer boxes are often mailed as is, we opted to mail them inside of another shipping box, to allow us to add a ribbon and tag to the outside of the gift box. We color matched the ribbon to Homestar’s brand color and their creative design team created the gift tag, along with the gift’s note card. 

Virtual Event Gift Boxes - Coffee, Chocolate, Books, Confetti Poppers, PomPoms - Box+Wood Gift Company

Contents of the Virtual Event Gift Boxes

Custom Celebration Themed Virtual Event Gift Boxes

The goal of these virtual event gift boxes was to really highlight the celebration theme, so the contents we selected to feel like a party in a box! The gift includes a few consumable items, like roasted peanuts by Belmont Peanuts and Mast chocolate bars, selected to match Homestar’s brand colors. The gift also includes a bag of caramel corn with a custom label designed by the Homestar team. We love that they included a clever play on words to wrap the popcorn into the overall theme of the gift! Expanding on the celebration theme, the gift includes a confetti push pop by Thimblepress and a custom branded pom-pom. Finally, the gift includes a laser etched insulated tumbler, perfect for both a cocktail and a cup of coffee! Overall, this gift ties together the celebration theme, while highlighting Homestar’s branding and the reason for the virtual event.

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