Trusted by industry leaders & small businesses alike, work with our team to create Custom Corporate Gifts that feel like they are coming directly from you!

trusted by industry leaders & small businesses alike

Our goal is for your brand to take center stage! Whether you are looking for subtly branded client appreciation gifts or fully branded PR boxes, we can design a gift to fit your needs.
From branded contents (think notebooks, hats, mugs, socks, etc.) to branded packaging, we can customize every aspect of your gift.

Our experienced team is capable of handling projects of all sizes, from sending 24 gifts to your top clients or thousands of event gifts. We have streamlined our process to ensure every hand-packaged gift feels one of a kind, even if it is one of thousands.


Scalable Gift Campaigns

Custom Corporate gifting

24 to 24,000 gifts

Here at Box+Wood Gift Company, we design custom corporate gifts as unique as your organization with the specialty, boutique client experience you deserve.

Project Specific

high - touch experience

Whether handling corporate gifts was tasked to you by your team, or you volunteered to manage the project, we know that designing your corporate gifts is far from the only thing on your plate! We will work tirelessly to ensure the process is simple & streamlined, so you can get back to your job.

Seamless Design Process

streamlined & simplified

Custom Corporate Gifts

The Box+Wood Gift company difference

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Learn more about what we offer and look through our catalog of Pre- Designed Corporate Gift designs based on themes & occasions.


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our designs + your branding = Corporate gifting, simplified!

Client Gifts to keep you front of mind with both Current & Potential clients

Marketing Gifts that make an Impact on your Recipients

Onboarding Gifts to elevate your Client or Team Experiences

Employee Gifts to Encourage & Uplift your Team

Holiday Gifting for Clients, Teams & Partners

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What types of Custom Corporate Gifts do we design? 

Event Gifts to Engage Participants & Attendees

Leave a lasting impression on your clients, team, or event participants ... 

private-labeled recipient landing pages 

... without spending hours sourcing addresses and filling out excel sheets. With our private-label landing pages, take the pain out of compiling recipient addresses - by having them do it themselves!

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