Custom Client Gifts: 10 Traditional & Non-Traditional Occasions for Sending Custom Client Gifts

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April 5, 2022

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With our Custom, White- Label Gifting Campaigns, you can send corporate gifts that feel like they are coming directly from your team (if your team were really, really good at creating beautiful gifts). 

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Custom Client Gifts with Box+Wood Gift Company

With Customer Appreciation Day approaching on April 18th, we put together a list of other traditional (& not so traditional) occasions for sending Corporate Gift boxes for clients, customers or partners! 

The Importance of Timing When Sending Client Gifts

Sending custom client gifts can have a great impact on maintaining client relationships, but simply sending the gift is only half of the equation. When you send your custom client gifts plays a huge role in how well the corporate gift is received! If you, along with 15 other sales reps, send one shared client an average gift worth $75-$100 around Christmas, there may be nothing differentiating you from the crowd.

Depending on your industry and your clients, by replacing traditional holiday gifts with a National Popcorn Day gift on January 19th, you may make a much greater impact than you did before, with the exact same budget! If the goal is to stay top of mind, it may help to think a little outside of the box.

10 Traditional & Non-Traditional Occasions for Sending Custom Client Gifts

  1. Off the Wall Holidays, like International Coffee Day (October 1st) or National Dog Day (August 26th)- Surprise & delight your clients by celebrating the unexpected and we guarantee they will bring you up in conversation! PS- We would LOVE to design client gifts for all of your client’s dogs.
  2. Client Onboarding- Onboarding may be one of the most common occasions for sending client gifts, but don’t write it off as overdone. Onboarding gifting allows you to start a relationship on the right foot, and it helps build excitement for what is to come with the relationship or project. For industries with a long sales process, an onboarding gift can be a fun way to punctuate the process and kick off the start of the project. 
  3. Client Offboarding- for short-term, project-based relationships, such as website designers, offboarding gifts can be the perfect way to work client gifting into your process. 
  4. Birthdays- One of our favorite ways for large organizations to add a personalized touch to their client relationships with very little effort is to set up a client birthday gifting campaign. Work with our team to design a custom birthday gift, share your client’s birthdays, and we will handle all of the details from there. We will ship out all your gifts right on time and you will take the credit for being the most thoughtful account manager ever.
  5. Relationship Milestones- Have your clients been with your firm for 10 years? Has your company been open for 20 years? Are you retiring after 30 years and want to send a custom client gift to thank all of your loyal clients? These important milestones are all the BEST occasions for sending thoughtful custom client gifts! 
  6. Referral Gifts- Sending a gift to thank your client for a referral should be a no-brainer. Whether you are in Real Estate or Events, referral gifts help show your appreciation to those who help grow your business. 
  7. Exciting Announcements, like your organization launching a new program- Loop your clients in on the exciting things happening in your organization! Launching something new or expanding? Build excitement with your current clientele by sending a gift that includes information about changes happening internally. 
  8. Christmas and New Year’s Gifts- These are the tried and true standards for client gifting. While there will be a lot of other gifts arriving around the same time, work with our team to create a gift that stands out from the crowd! 
  9. Personal Occasions- for industries where a more personal connection with clients is appropriate, it can add a special touch to send gifts for personal occasions, such as weddings, new babies, or promotions. While these celebratory moments are harder to keep pre-scheduled in a calendar, our team can keep your stationery on hand to write a custom note to include in one of our ready-to-send gifts. 
  10. An Internally Assigned Milestone- whether it is their 15th meeting attended or 50th email received, surprise your clients with an unexpected gift! While holiday or onboarding gifts may be expected, your client is very likely to react to a “Thank you for attending our 15th meeting together” gift! 

Box+Wood Custom Client Gift Highlights

While we are looking over all of the fun opportunities for sending Corporate Gift boxes for clients, we want to highlight two of our clients that do an exceptional job of celebrating their clients! 

Custom Client Gifts Through the Seasons

ITN Networks works with our team to send out custom client gifts on a seasonal basis, so their clients are always receiving fun client gifts. Instead of one large corporate gift a year, they are receiving multiple fun packages, with seasonal themes! Some of our favorites have been the family game night, which included a board game and Compartes Chocolate bars, and the Italian Dinner Night.

Custom Corporate Gifts | Client Gift Boxes | Branded Corporate Gifts | Custom Corporate Gifting with Box+Woo Gift Company
Custom Corporate Gift Design - Box+Wood Gift Company | Work with our Team to design Custom Client Gifts to impress your clients and team

Custom Client Gifts Through the Eyes of the Recipient

Another client of ours that does a wonderful job focusing on their clients with their custom client gift campaigns is Evans General Contractors. When working on their holiday corporate gifting campaigns, the team at Evans truly focuses on their recipients and the corporate gifts that they would like to receive. From the gift theme to the contents, they look at every aspect of their gift through the lens of their clients, to ensure every aspect of their corporate gifts is impactful.

Custom Corporate Gift designs for clients | Holiday Corporate Client Gifts for commercial construction companies | Box+Wood Gift Company

Think Outside the Box When Sending Custom Client Gifts

When it comes to custom client gifts, don’t be afraid to think a little outside the box in order to stand out from the crowd and stay front of mind! Whether that means scheduling your corporate gifting campaigns around non-traditional holidays or splitting them up across the year, there are so many ways to have fun and really engage your clients with corporate gifting. 

Additional Thoughts for “Wowing” Your Clients

Looking for more inspiration for going above and beyond for your clients? If you haven’t read them, I highly recommend both Setting the Table by Danny Meyer and Hugging Your Customers by Jack Mitchell. Both are wonderful at reframing where your sit in your relationship with your clients and they make you want to think way out of the box! 

Want to download our 10 Traditional & Non-Traditional Occasions for Sending Client Gifts Guide? Click here!

Ready to Send Custom Client Gifts of Your Own?

Whether it is marketing gifts for your clients or onboarding client gifts, we would be thrilled to work with you on your next custom client gift project! Follow the link below to connect with our team, or reach us directly at or 706-389-8296.

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