“Mix Up” Your Corporate Gifting with Cocktail-Themed Corporate Gift Boxes

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June 4, 2023

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It’s time to shake things up in the corporate gifting world – literally – with cocktail-themed corporate gift boxes!

At Box+Wood Gift Company, we’ve created a wide variety of cocktail-themed corporate gift boxes over the years, customizing each one with the sender’s brand and the recipient in mind.

Cocktail-themed gift boxes are a refreshing departure from the usual humdrum of corporate gifts. They’re a fun way for brands to encourage socializing and casual friendships among employees or clients.

And while cocktail-themed gift boxes are popular during the holidays, they’re not limited to just that season. They also make great gifts for an employee’s or client’s certification, birthday, or any other celebratory event.

With Box+Wood’s pre-curated gift catalog, you can send a cocktail-themed gift quickly for any occasion! Later in this blog, we’ll break down one of our cocktail-themed pre-curated options.

Let’s Raise a Glass and Look Back at Past Custom Cocktail-Themed Corporate Gift Campaigns

Cozy Cocktails with a Personal Touch: Dagger’s Custom Holiday Gift Box!

Cocktail-Themed Corporate Gift Boxes

This holiday gift for Dagger, an Atlanta-based marketing agency, took a cozier approach to cocktails. The gift included grapefruit lavender bitters sourced from ATL, rosemary sprigs, dried blood orange slices, an ice mold, a cozy blanket, and a scented candle completely customized with Dagger’s logo and branding. We also couldn’t forget to add the drink recipe so the recipients could cozy up on a winter night with their holiday drink!

Cocktail-Themed Corporate Gift Boxes with Box+Wood Gift Company

The beauty of cocktail-themed corporate gift boxes is that you can dial up the party vibe or pull it back depending on the recipients.

Recovery Included…ITN Network’s Cocktail Themed Corporate Gift Boxes

Custom Corporate Gift Boxes for Clients- New Years Eve

For a gift box with a wilder side, we included cardamom bitters, cocktail cherries, a shaker, an entire cocktail recipe book, and a recovery patch from The Good Patch for the morning after a fun New Year’s Eve. We also added a custom thank-you note with ITN Networks’ logo and signature blue ribbon.

New Years Corporate Gifting

Cocktail and Mocktail Corporate Gifting Options with Gympass

Mocktail and Cocktail-Themed Corporate Gift Boxes

This cocktail-themed gift box included a couple of snacks on top of the custom-created cocktail recipe card and cocktail components. Just in case the recipient didn’t drink, we also include a non-alcoholic version of the cocktail recipe, along with hot chocolate; adding Gympass’s logo to the bag of hot chocolate made the gift feel like it came straight from their team.

Holiday Corporate Gift Box Packaging

Cheers and Appreciation: Elevated Client Appreciation with Wine-Infused Corporate Gift Boxes

Wine-Themed Client Appreciation Gift Boxes

On more of a wine-note, this second cocktail-themed corporate gift for ITN Network included a Vinglace stainless wine tumbler and a vacuum-sealed cork stopper, also completed with their branding in the packaging and a custom thank-you note.

Mixing Business with Pleasure: Discover Box+Wood’s Pre-Designed Cocktail- Themed Corporate Gift Boxes

Now onto one of our pre-curated cocktail-themed corporate gift boxes!

The Cheers Corporate Gift Box with Box+Wood Gift Company

This gift box is known as “The Cheers” gift box. It includes:

  • Ranger Station Candle / Rocks Glass In Neroli + Cedar
  • Jigger
  • Craft Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup – 8oz
  • Cocktail Cherries by Red Camper
  • Hickory Smoked Barbeque Peanuts
  • Nightcap Whiskey Dark Chocolate-Compartes

While the pre-curated gift boxes aren’t designed around your campaign, like the custom corporate gift boxes, you can still swap out items and add your brand elements throughout the gift if desired!

Along with “The Cheers” we also have three other pre-curated corporate gift boxes with cocktail-themed elements. You can check them out in our catalog here.

Cheers to Custom Cocktail-Themed Corporate Gift Boxes

Custom cocktail-theme corporate gift boxes are a creative and memorable way to show your appreciation to clients, partners, or employees. By tailoring the ingredients and accessories to each brand’s tastes and preferences, you can make a lasting impression that goes beyond just a typical corporate gift.

If you’re ready to create a cocktail-themed corporate gift box, Box+Wood can help you!  Follow the link below to connect with our team, or reach us directly at hello@boxwoodgift.com.

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