How to create corporate gift boxes that highlight your organization’s values and brand personality

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June 3, 2023

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Stand Out from the Crowd: Creating Custom Corporate Gift Boxes that Reflect Your Brand’s Personality and Values

Corporate gifting is a powerful way to build and maintain relationships with clients, partners, and employees, but, in a generic-gift-saturated world, how can you make your gift stand out and truly represent your brand?

One thing is for sure at Box+Wood Gift Company: we love to create custom-themed corporate gift boxes as a solution to leaving a personal, lasting impression- in this case, the theme being YOUR BRAND.

By creating corporate gift boxes that reflect your brand’s personality and values, you not only delight your recipients but also leave a memorable impression.

We’ve created countless unique corporate gifting campaigns for our clients, but some of the best gifting concepts have come from creating gifts around a brand’s personality and values.

Here’s a look at our favorite value and brand-based corporate gifts and how we accomplished them

From Mammoths to Mugs: Unveiling the Secrets of Crafting Brand-Centric Corporate Gift Boxes

values based corporate gift boxes with Box+Wood Gift Company and Ember Mugs

Mammoth Biosciences is a company of engineers and scientists that create solutions for challenges across healthcare, agriculture, environmental monitoring, biodefense, and more. When they came to us for their gifting campaign, we settled on a fun mascot theme, which is… well, a Mammoth!

While we knew we wanted Mammoth Bio’s logo printed on an Ember Mug, we also wanted to find extra gift elements from other companies that incorporated a Mammoth in their branding. We knew it would take some research, but that’s always part of the fun when creating custom corporate gift boxes!

We decided to add some organic Mammoth Bars and a cute plush Mammoth to round out the mascot theme perfectly. Adding a personal note that said “Thanks for your Mammoth support,” and a Mammoth sticker as a finishing touch marked this Mammoth project complete!

Corporate Gift Boxes designed around brand values with Box+Wood Gift Company

Atlanta’s Finest: Dagger’s Value-Centered Corporate Gift Boxes Celebrating Local Businesses and Coffee

As a private, Atlanta-based marketing agency, Dagger wanted to create gift boxes that were value-centered by incorporating items only from other Atlanta & Georgia-based businesses.

Atlanta themed corporate gift boxes

As we sources ATL and Georgia-based products, we couldn’t help but nod at Dagger’s love for coffee (they have a cafe in their office!), so we chose coffee-based gifts from craft-roasted coffee beans to a specialty stirring spoon.

As always, We finished the gift with a branded thank you note, sticker, and beautifully branded packaging and shipped them off to their recipients!

Atlanta Corporate Gift Bpxes

Pharmaceuticals and Tea: Ceruvia’s Innovative Approach to Brand-Focused Corporate Gifting

Custom corporate gift based designed around a brands values with Box+Wood Gift Company

Ceruvia Lifesciences, a pharmaceutical company that focuses on neurological & psychiatric disorders, wanted to focus on two aspects of their brand for their corporate gifts: pharmaceuticals and the founder’s love of tea.

We found the perfect custom beaker mugs to subtly but effectively tie in the pharmaceutical expertise of their business, while still incorporating the tea theme, with Onyx tea blends, an English breakfast tea, and even cookies to pair with them!

With a branded sticker, thank you note, and packaging, this gift box was ready to be shipped! Corporate gifting is a powerful way to show appreciation, but it’s not enough to simply hand out generic gifts.

Values based corporate gift boxes with Box+Wood Gift Company

By infusing your corporate gift boxes with a brand personality theme, you can create a deeper, more personal connection with your recipients and showcase your brand’s identity and values. And luckily, that’s what we’re all about at Box+Wood!

Are your ideas forming for value-based corporate gift boxes for your organization

If so, we’ve got you covered! Follow the link below to reach out to our team or email us directly at Prefer to chat with our corporate gifting team on the phone? Give us a call at 706.389.8296.

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