How Client Onboarding Gifts Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

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May 4, 2023

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 Industry Leading Organizations’ Secret Weapon when it comes to Corporate Gifting.
With our Custom, White- Label Gifting Campaigns, you can send corporate gifts that feel like they are coming directly from your team (if your team were really, really good at creating beautiful gifts). 

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If you have been in business for a while, you know that repeat clients, along with referrals, are the backbone of most organizations’ growth. In fact, businesses are arguably built on customer and client retention. Bain & Company reported that if businesses could increase their client retention by just 5%, they are likely to increase their profitability 75%. These returning clients know you, trust you, are more likely to spend more money, and are more likely to send you referrals.

Plus, Referral and repeat clients are far less expensive to acquire and if treated well, are likely to keep coming back to your business. According to The National Law Review, new customers (or clients) cost 5 times more to acquire than existing customers or clients.

Simply put, happy, returning clients = happy, flourishing business.

So how do you ensure you are treating your clients well and serving them with excellence so they WANT to come back to you?

Client Onboarding Gifts with Box+Wood Gift Company

The Impact of Corporate Gifts on Client Retention and Referrals

The obvious answer for most people is great service. You want to meet deadlines, over-deliver or “go above and beyond” with your services, communicate effectively, and all those things that you do well as a business owner. But something that will take your client’s love to a raving review (and return) is delighting them with thoughtful client onboarding gifts!

And it’s not just the “thought that counts” when it comes to onboarding client gifts. There’s a multitude of reasons you might consider elevating your client onboarding strategy with corporate gifting.

Client onboarding gifts for increased retention with Box+Wood Gift Company

Why Add Client Gifts to Your Onboarding Process?

Firstly, it will ease buyer’s remorse upfront. If you are offering a high-end service, chances are your clients have looked at a lot of different options, weighed the pros and cons, and then carefully selected your offering. Occasionally, once your client’s money leaves their accounts, they may start to second-guess their decision. It’s only natural and has nothing to do with your business, but that’s where client onboarding gifts come into play!

Having your client onboarding gifts scheduled to arrive within the first few days of your client signing their contract will build up the excitement about your services! Their remorse will ease, because they will feel a sense of your excellent service before your actual services even begin!

Client Gifts that can effortlessly work with your CRM

Working with our team, we are able to have your client onboarding gifts ready to go the moment your client signs their contract! We can even create a workflow that links from your CRM to ours, so the process of getting us their information is seamless. More efficiency, and less work for you. Sounds great, right?

Secondly, the onboarding process is often the time when clients are most excited about your service and are most likely to tell others about it at that point. It’s kind of like the “newness” hasn’t worn off yet, so they’re ready to tell the world about who they just booked! So if you WOW them with a gift, they will be even more likely to talk about you and refer your services to others.

What to Include in Your Client Onboarding Gifts…

The great thing about client onboarding gifts is that they can be completely built around your brand!

We love focusing on your brand colors, themes, messaging, and your specialty services to build a gift that perfectly reflects your organization (while still exciting your recipient)

Client Onboarding Gifts for Wedding Vendors

For example, if you’re a wedding photographer, you could include champagne gummies, high-end chocolate, or confetti poppers in your client onboarding gift to reflect the celebratory season in your client’s life!

Client onboarding gifts for business coaches

Client Onboarding Gifts for Business Coaches

If you’re a business or career coach, we might consider sending a custom-printed notebook, high-end pens, or leather portfolio.

If you are onboarding clients into an evergreen course or a lower price point service, you can still send client onboarding gifts to increase their excitement! A great way to do this is a gift box built around one item, like a branded candle or coffee mug. Then add additional complimentary items like a sweet or salty snack, or maybe some craft coffee beans.

Evergreen program client onboarding gift boxes

Add Client Gifting to Your Onboarding Process

If you’re serving clients currently or about to book new clients and ready to WOW them, we would love to work with you on sending client onboarding gifts! Follow the link below to connect with our team, or reach us directly at

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