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March 22, 2023

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With our Custom, White- Label Gifting Campaigns, you can send corporate gifts that feel like they are coming directly from your team (if your team were really, really good at creating beautiful gifts). 

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How to make an impact with gifts for virtual meetings!

Gift Boxes for Virtual Meetings with Box+Wood Gift Company

If you’re in the corporate world, you’re probably familiar with corporate gifting. Corporate gifts land on your desk throughout the year- maybe for a hire-date anniversary, the holidays, or general employee appreciation. It’s nothing new.

However, corporate gifting had to make a change after the huge work-from-home shift that occurred during Covid-19. That’s where the virtual corporate gift box played a huge role in corporate gifting campaigns. So if you’re excitedly planning your next quarterly meeting or maybe your company’s annual online event, let’s talk corporate gifts for virtual meetings.

We know it might seem odd to invest in corporate gifts for virtual meetings or events, but sending virtual corporate gift boxes to attendees before your virtual event or meeting actually has a hugely positive impact on things like attendance rates, engagement, and attendee comradery!

Gifts for Virtual Meetings

One of our favorite corporate virtual meeting gifting campaigns was for a virtual meeting hosted by Cook Medical. This virtual corporate gift box was such a hit, and we continue to recommend this virtual gifting campaign to all of our clients planning to include gifts for virtual meetings (with all your corporate branding and personalization, of course). The idea is that every element in your virtual corporate gift box will enhance your meeting attendee’s experience by making it easier to focus and follow along and make them feel appreciated with extra special, gratifying gift elements.

Let’s take a deep dive into this virtual corporate gifting campaign to see why you might consider sending corporate gift boxes for your next virtual event or meeting!

What to include in your gifts for virtual meetings?

Custom printed notebook

One of our top suggestions for a virtual meeting gift box is a custom-printed notebook.

Sending a notebook to your meeting attendees will increase their engagement by encouraging them to take notes in a fun, personalized way! We work with a high-quality team at Denik to produce custom-printed notebooks that offer complete flexibility in design. That means your branding can be printed on these notebooks, making your corporate gift box cohesive and consistent for your company.

Colored pencils

Much like the notebook, sending colored pencils adds a dash of fun to taking notes during the meeting! You can’t tell me you wouldn’t be excited to see colored pencils in a corporate gift box, and if your goal with sending gifts for your virtual meetings is to increase engagement, colored pencils are the perfect addition.

Pinch Me Therapy Dough

Comparable to a stress ball, this therapy dough gives participants something to “play” with and helps keep them engaged during the virtual meeting! Adding Pinch Me Therapy Dough to your virtual meeting gift box lets your employees know that you acknowledge any stress and overwhelm they might be feeling, and might even help them relieve pre-meeting anxiety.

Lots of snacks- both sweet and salty

I mean, who doesn’t love to munch on popcorn and candy while listening to a presentation? We love Partake cookies because they are allergen free and a safe bet for a larger team. Any snack is definitely our go-to suggestion in a corporate gifting campaign, and it would certainly fare well in a virtual meeting gift box.

Corporate Gift Boxes for Virtual Meetings

All of these gift options make great collective or individual corporate gifts for a virtual event or meeting. Now let’s go back to the “why” of sending gifts for virtual meetings.

Sending a virtual corporate gift box prior to your virtual event generates extra excitement for your event! Not only that but if your virtual event is a paid event, you can include the pre-event gift as an added bonus to increase your buy-in rates.

As mentioned before, sending virtual corporate gift boxes for your virtual event increases attendance rates, engagement, and comradery among your attendees. You might also consider adding an event itinerary to your corporate gift box to set your attendees up for success, and to help guide them along throughout the event.

Are you about to host a virtual event? We would love to work with you to create virtual meeting corporate gift boxes for your event attendees! Please reach out at or follow the link below to connect with our team.

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