Ongoing Corporate Gifting Campaigns 

Weekly, monthly or occasionally - whatever fits your organization's needs. Once we set up your account, sending client , employee, vendor or partner gifts might be the easiest part of your sales or onboarding process! 

never forget to send client or employee gift again

With our ongoing gifting campaigns, set up your account once and we will send your gifts on your schedule...

Endless Gift Options
Complimentary Warehousing
CRM Integration 
Perfect solution for SaaS companies and organizations with multiple new hires each month

Pre-Designed Gift Boxes

Custom Gift Boxes or Branded Kits

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 Branded Items

Endless Gifting Options

Select a gift from our catalog to be customized with you organization's branding,  work with our team to create a custom corporate gift, or setup your ongoing gifting campaign with individual branded promotional items. 

All Ongoing Gifting Campaigns include complimentary gift warehousing throughout your project.

Complimentary warehousing

Our team is available via email, phone, zoom or in person.

responsive team

Your account rep will maintain an inventory of your gifts and let you know when you need to reorder. 

Account management

CRM Integration

For Ongoing Gifting Campaigns with ship dates that have yet to be determined, like new hire gifting, we can integrate our address upload form with your CRM, so that we will automatically receive your recipient’s information when you are ready for each gift to ship!

You can also manually upload their shipping address- simply upload the recipient information into a shared form.

new hire & client onboarding

Private-Label Landing Pages

With our private-label landing pages, take the pain out of compiling recipient addresses - by having them do it themselves. Simply email a link to your recipients and they can upload their addresses directly to us. 

send a gift- no address needed

Scheduling Shipments

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Client or Employee Ongoing Gifting?

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