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January 18, 2024

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2024 Corporate Gifting Calendar

Here at Box+Wood Gift Company, we specialize in supporting your 2024 corporate gifting goals with gifts on a large scale. A part of what makes corporate gifting campaigns successful is planning ahead, and we want to help you do that too!

Stay memorable all year round with our 2024 corporate gifting calendar!

By using this unique corporate gifting calendar, you can strategically plan your gift campaigns and seize opportunities to surprise and delight your customers, clients, or employees on meaningful days in their industries! By going beyond traditional holidays, you demonstrate your deep understanding of your recipients and create a lasting impression that yields exceptional returns on your investment.

Additionally, to make the most of your strategic corporate gifting campaigns, it’s crucial to plan ahead when creating custom corporate gift boxes. This gifting calendar provides a comprehensive overview of the special (and unique) days, allowing you to prepare in advance and maximize the impact of your gestures. By taking advantage of our expertise and utilizing this calendar, you can optimize your corporate gifting initiatives and strengthen your relationships with key customers, clients, and employees!

Box+Wood Gift Company’s 2024 Corporate Gifting Calendar

January 2024 Corporate Gifting Occasions

1/1 – New Year’s Day

1/15 – National Bagel Day

1/19 – National Popcorn Day

1/26 – National Fun at Work Day

February 2024 Corporate Gifting Occasions

2/2 – Groundhog Day

2/9 – National Pizza Day

2/11 – Super Bowl Sunday

2/14 – Valentine’s Day

2/17 – Random Acts of Kindness Day

March 2024 Corporate Gifting Occasions

3/1 – Employee Appreciation Day

3/8 – International Women’s Day

3/14 – Pi Day

3/17 – St. Patrick’s Day

April 2024 Corporate Gifting Occasions

4/1 – April Fool’s Day

4/4 – National Burrito Day

4/7 – National Beer Day

4/17 – Administrative Professionals’ Day

4/22 – Earth Day

May 2024 Corporate Gifting Occasions

5/2 – Teacher Appreciation Day

5/6 – National Nurses Day

5/25 – National Wine Day

June 2024 Corporate Gifting Occasions

6/4 – National Cheese Day

6/7 – National Donut Day

6/14 – Flag Day

6/21 – National Selfie Day

July 2024 Corporate Gifting Occasions

7/4 – Independence Day

7/21 – National Ice Cream Day

August 2024 Corporate Gifting Occasions

8/2 – International Beer Day

8/24 – National Waffle Day

September 2024 Corporate Gifting Occasions

9/5 – International Day of Charity

9/13 – International Chocolate Day

9/16 – National Working Parents Day

9/27 – World Tourism Day

October 2024 Corporate Gifting Occasions

ALL MONTH: National Women’s Small Business Month

10/1 – International Coffee Day

10/5 – National Do Something Nice Day

10/16 – National Boss’s Day

November 2024 Corporate Gifting Occasions

11/3 – National Sandwich Day

11/11 – Veterans Day

December 2024 Corporate Gifting Occasions… that aren’t the holidays!

12/1 – National Bartender Day

12/4 – National Cookie Day

12/5 – International Volunteer Day

Schedule your 2024 corporate gifting campaigns today!

If a certain date caught your eye, let’s get a head start on your corporate gifting campaign! Follow the link below to connect with our team, or reach us directly at hello@boxwoodgift.com.

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