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September 25, 2023

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Top 2023 Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas for Clients and Employees

Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes for Employees with Box+wood Gift Company

We’ve reached the beginning of Q4, and with it comes end-of-the-year gifting! Whether handling your organization’s holiday gifting is something you look forward to year after year, or it is a task that you have begrudgingly taken on, we have the holiday corporate gift ideas to make holiday corporate gifting a simple and stress-free process. 

While sending holiday gifts to your clients, employees, and business partners is something that almost every organization does, we will work with you to take your gifts to the next level! Whether that means curating gifts around an extremely niche theme, offering over-the-top customization, or simply gifting high-end products that will set your gift apart from the rest. We guarantee that our specialty corporate gifts will not only show your appreciation, they will strengthen your relationships and set you apart from your competitors. 

When it comes to your employees, sending holiday corporate gifts can boost employee morale and create a sense of unity and comradery within your organization. It communicates that you value their hard work, and encourages them to continue to perform at a high level.
If you’re ready to start planning for your holiday corporate gifts, but you’re tired of endlessly searching online for a gift that’s actually meaningful, here’s a list of our top 2023 holiday corporate gift ideas:

Activity Themed Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas

Sending a gift that’s centered around an activity is a sure way to send a meaningful gift that lingers in the mind of the recipient. These activities can vary from a  game night or movie night to cooking, and more!

Game Night Themed Corporate Gift Box

One of our memorable activity-themed gift boxes is this game night-themed gift, filled with goodies like chocolate, popcorn, a popcorn popper, and a deck of novelty playing cards.

Cooking Themed Corporate Gift Box

For cooking activities, you can’t go wrong with sending ingredients that inspire a meal. In this gift box, we incorporated high-end ingredients like olive oil, artisan hot sauce, pear balsamic preserves, black pepper salt, an apron, and a mixing spoon to help the recipients get creative in the kitchen during the holiday season.

Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas with Box+Wood Gift Company

Interactive Corporate Gift Box

Another activity-themed gift idea for the holidays is a gift that has interactive elements.

In this gift, we included a chocolate ball dessert that the recipients had to crack open, an Instax camera, and ingredients for cocktails! Every piece of this gift had an “action item” that the recipient needed to use or do something with to get the most fun out of them.

Cocktail & Mocktail Themed Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas

Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes with Box+Wood Gift Company

“Local Flavor” Cocktail Holiday Corporate Gift Box

It’s not unusual to send cocktail or drink-themed gifts during the holiday season, but sending cocktail-themed or mocktail-themed gifts that actually make an impact is another story. 

This holiday gift for Dagger, an Atlanta-based marketing agency, took a cozier approach to cocktails. The gift included grapefruit lavender bitters sourced from ATL, rosemary sprigs, dried blood orange slices, an ice mold, a cozy blanket, and a scented candle completely customized with Dagger’s logo and branding. We also couldn’t forget to add the drink recipe so the recipients could cozy up on a winter night with their holiday drink!

Plus, with the increased popularity of mocktails, the holidays are a perfect time to send healthy, cocktail-alternative ingredients to holiday favorites!

Relaxation and Spa-Themed Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas

Holidays are the BEST time to unwind and relax before the new year. That’s why one of our top recommendations is a relaxation or spa-themed holiday gift.

Spa at Home Corporate Gift Boxes

The great thing about spa gift boxes is that you can include a wide variety of products that appeal to everyone- things like bath bombs, candles, slippers, a blanket, a robe, socks, face masks, and much much more!

Luxury Retreat Corporate Gift Boxes with Box+Wood Gift Company

Luxury Mountain Retreat Corporate Gift Boxes

We designed this luxury gift box for a personal development coach and author who was hosting his organization’s top clients at a boutique lodge for a holiday celebration. We designed the gift to feel both high-end and slightly rustic, incorporating the lodge’s signature candle, a luxe body oil, his & hers eye masks, a bespoke charcuterie board, and a charcuterie knife.

Snack & Treat Themed Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas

A classic go-to corporate gift box theme here at Box+Wood Gift Company is snacks and treats, and they work perfectly as holiday corporate gifts too!

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat during the holiday season? The great thing about snack or treat-themed holiday gifts is that you can really lean into the holiday flavors when choosing your snacks or treats.

Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes for Employees with Box+wood Gift Company

Festive Treat Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes

In this holiday gift box, we included treats like peppermint hot cocoa, marshmallow treats, and other peppermint-flavored goodies, as well as a mixing spoon for all the holiday beverages.

High-Ticket Item Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas

Here at Box+Wood Gift Company, we love to design a gift around a specific, high-value item that an employee or client wouldn’t normally purchase for themselves and then fill the rest of the gift with supporting items.

This year, we’ve been seeing Courant wireless chargers and Ember mugs on the rise as high-ticket gifting items.

Ember Mug Corporate Gift with Box+Wood Gift Company

Luxury Corporate Gift Boxes

In this high-ticket holiday gift, we centered the gift around an Ember mug and added supporting items like Methodical whole-bean coffee and a coffee spoon & clip.

Holiday Corporate Gifting with Box+Wood Gift Company

As always, we offer a variety of unique and meaningful holiday corporate gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression on your recipients during the holiday season.

From activity-themed gifts to high-ticket item gifts, we have something special for every brand and every industry. And with our attention to detail and custom branding options, your holiday corporate gift boxes will surely be a hit.

Get started on your holiday corporate gift planning today and let us help you spread some holiday cheer! Follow the link below to connect with our team, or reach us directly at

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