When is the right time to book your Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes?

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August 14, 2022

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With our Custom, White- Label Gifting Campaigns, you can send corporate gifts that feel like they are coming directly from your team (if your team were really, really good at creating beautiful gifts). 

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Well…it may shock you to learn that we are already in our peak booking season for Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes! 

Seriously- it may be 87 degrees outside, but in our minds, it is already Christmas! 

Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes with Box+Wood Gift Company

Is late summer or early fall really the right time to book our Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes?

YES! The majority of our Custom Holiday Corporate Gift Box projects book between August and October, and our Pre-Designed Holiday projects start booking up between September- early November. By the time we’re in November, our project calendar is booked up for pre-Christmas gifts and we are on to New Years Gift Boxes. So if you want to secure a spot for Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes, now is the time to do it! 

Are you ready to go ahead and get on our calendar? Use the link below to connect with our team and check Book Holiday Gifts off of your to-do list!

Custom branded holiday corporate gift boxes | Box+Wood Gift Company

Looking for more reasons to get ahead of the holiday rush when it comes to your organization’s Holiday Gift Boxes?

✔️ Booking your Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes early allows you to secure the most ideal ship dates

Come Q4, our team expands to take on as many projects as possible, and we pack our studio and warehouse to the brim, but there is still a limitation on the actual number of days in the holiday season. While we will ship out every day between November 28th and December 16th, booking your holiday corporate gift boxes as early as possible ensures you secure the most ideal ship dates, based on the days you want your gifts to be delivered.

✔️ It is easier to ensure the exact products you want are available the earlier you book your Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes

By now we’re all tired of hearing about supply chain issues… but unfortunately, it is still a problem we run into from time to time… especially when we are sourcing products at a larger scale! When we are trying to buy thousands of one item, it is always helpful to have a few extra weeks to source it. So if you know that your gift has to include something specific, we always recommend getting a head start on booking your holiday gifts!

✔️ Scheduling your Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes early allows for plenty of time for customization and specific updates

Are you looking to add custom calligraphy to each recipient’s gift box? Or your logo to a not-usually-logoed item? Maybe you want to include a custom blended cocktail mix with specifically sourced products that need to be flown in from Italy? It can all be done (and we’ve done it before)… but it does require a little more time, especially during the busy holiday season. 

If you are looking for super custom, we recommend booking your holiday corporate gift boxes as earlier as possible!

✔️ Getting ahead of your Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes allows you to have more peace of mind and less stress once the holidays are actually here

We know the holiday season can be stressful, both professionally and personally. And while you’re wrapping up your end-of-year projects, the last thing you want to be doing is panicking because you can’t get your team to finalize a decision on your Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes! 

Moving your holiday gifting decisions to Q3 allows you to enjoy the end of the year, and relax knowing that everything has already been taken care of.

Ready to schedule your Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes?

Our team is ready to help you create the perfect Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes for your clients, team, or partners! Follow the link below to connect and schedule a call!

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