Ongoing Corporate Gifting, Simplified.

Gift giving can play an important role in fostering your business relationships. Whether you are looking to thank referral sources or to celebrate client’s birthdays, a custom gift box is the perfect way to encourage continued partnership and keep your brand front of mind!

At Box+Wood, we will work with you to create carefully curated gifts that feel like an extension of your brand. Whether we are creating a fully custom concept or adding custom branding to a gift from our corporate catalog, we have made the process nearly effortless.

Once we setup your account, sending personal client gifts will be a streamlined step in your workflow!

Custom Gifting Portal

We will setup private page that you can access whenever you need to send a gift. For known dates, such as birthdays, we will work with you to pre-schedule your gifts, so the process is completely seamless!

Complimentary Warehousing

Orders that meet our warehousing minimum qualify for complimentary warehousing & inventory management.

Quarterly Billing for Shipping

We will simplify your ongoing gifting program by sending your gifts within 1-3 days, and billing you quarterly for shipping.

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In Person


Prefer to discuss your gifts in person? We would love to meet with you! If you are Atlanta local, we are more than happy to travel to your office.