Finding Joy

Hey there, friends!
I hope you are all doing well & staying healthy during these crazy times! To be honest, I have been struggling with motivation… it seems like I start the day with positive intentions but things quickly spiral and suddenly I am full of fear and anxiety. Being in the business of JOY, this is clearly not a productive mental state.
Thankfully, since we are a few weeks in, I have been able to identify a few things that help me stay in a better mental state. They are all simple but make a huge difference!  

Box+Wood's Simple Ways to Find Joy

  1. Turn off the news. I have always started my day with the news playing in the background but lately this comforting routine has become overwhelming. Turning off the news and avoiding news articles has made the biggest difference in my mood!
  2. In an attempt to not spend all day on my phone, I have been reading like crazy! I am currently reading Good Me, Bad Me (I love a good thriller & this one is creepy) & Glennon Doyle’s Untamed. If you don’t already, I highly recommend following Reese’s book club for the best book recs! 
  3. Coffee & Cocktails. My life is currently revolving around the two! My current coffee love is a lavender cold brew (with Coffee Man cold brew, a lavender sugar cube & a hint of milk) and a 5 o’clock I am switching to an Aperol Spritz. It really is the best cocktail for sipping on the porch!
  4. House projects. We are building a new fire pit in the backyard and making some updates to our mater bathroom. These little projects are helping me feel productive during this time at home!
  5. Spend some time outside. I have never been more thankful to have a big yard and woods on our property. 
  6. I know it isn’t essential but I recommend grabbing a few bunches of grocery store blooms when you are at the store. Or, better yet, place an order with a local florist or flower farm that can still ship! I recommend 3 Porch Farms in Georgia… the flowers are always stunning!

This little steps to joy are not groundbreaking but that have made a huge difference in how I am coping during this time! What are you doing to find joy during your time at home? 

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