Seasonal Corporate Client Gift Boxes

Seasonal Corporate Client Gift Boxes

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Corporate Gift Boxes for Clients

Maintaining client relationships may be the most important aspects of running a successful business. Regardless of industry, making sure your clients feel appreciated is vital! We love whenever we get the opportunity to work with a team to create corporate gift boxes for their clients, because it is a wonderful way to build value in the relationship and stay front of mind.

Whether it is sending 5,000 client gifts to everyone who works with you or 25 client appreciation gifts to your top accounts, thoughtful corporate gifting will have a huge impact on your client relationships. 


Corporate Gift Boxes For Clients


Over the past year, we have had the privilege of working with the team at ITN Networks to create multiple client gift sends... ranging from summer cocktail to fall campfire themed! We love working with ITN Networks for many reasons, including the fact that they come with the most creative ideas with a focus on gifts that feel personal and specific to their clients. For each send we create two different gifts, so their team can select which feels more appropriate for the specific recipients. We also hand address and sign each card, which elevates &  personalizes the experience.


Repeat corporate gifting clients, like ITN Networks, make up an important pillar of our business. We love working with clients season after season (& year after year) because it allows us to form deeper relationships with them and really learn about their business & goals, which makes it more seamless for us to create thoughtful gifts for their clients or employees. It also allows us to celebrate milestones and growth alongside our clients, which is so special! Repeat clients are so important to us that our mission statement includes “create client relationships that exceed expectations and flourish into ongoing partnerships.” 

Client Gifts Through The Seasons

Gifts through the Seasons

Summer Client Gifts

The first two corporate client gifts that we put together for ITN Networks were The Summer Cocktail Gift Box and the On-Brand BBQ Gift Box. 

 Corporate Gift Boxes For Clients- ITN Networks BBQ

The On-Brand BBQ Gift Box

This bbq gift box, which is one of the first that we put together with ITN Networks, is one of my favorite gifts that we have ever created! From the branded basting brush to the Georgia local BBQ sauce, this gift is just spot on! Other components of the gift include a sweet & smoky spice rub, a grill ready hand towel and bbq peanuts. 

Corporate Gift Boxes For Clients- ITN Networks Cocktail

The Summer Cocktail Gift Box

The Summer Cocktail Gift Box was designed to feel like a happy little slice of summer! The gift box included a Corkcicle cocktail tumbler and Citrus Sweet Tea Cocktail Mixer by Owl’s Brew, perfect for enjoying a summer cocktail on the patio! It also included Chili Lime Salt by Jacobsen Salt Co., which is one of our favorite little luxuries (and the secret to making the best chicken fajitas!).

Corporate Gift Boxes For Clients- ITN Networks Fall

Fall Client Gifts

For the fall corporate client gifts, we pulled inspiration from two icomic fall experiences: a campfire & a chilly, chili cook out! 

Corporate Gift Boxes For Clients- Campfire Gift Box 

The Campfire Gift Box

There are few things more “fall” than s'mores by a campfire! Our campfire gift box is packed with all the necessities for a cozy night by the fire pit,, including a knit throw and Ticket Chocolate’s Classic S’mores Kit. To add an additional, festive touch, we included a bundle of cinnamon sticks in each gift.

 Corporate Gift Boxes For Clients- ITN Networks Chili

The Chilly, Chili Gift Box

This chili themed corporate gift box is the perfect way to celebrate fall! This gift includes some of our favorite cooking themed items, including a mini Lodge cast iron pan, chili spices and Soberdough’s cornbread mix. 

 ITN Networks Packaging


Just like the actual gift, the packaging of these custom corporate gift boxes highlights the brand while focusing on the recipient. Each gift is packaged in our signature, Box+Wood grey gift box with a ITN Networks blue bow tied around it. Additional branding items include custom notecards, custom gift tags & custom stickers affixed to the tissue paper inside the box.


Are you interested in sending thoughtful corporate gift boxes or corporate care packages to your clients or team? Follow the link below to get in touch with our team! 

Corporate Gifting with Box+Wood Gift Company

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