Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes for Employees

Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes for Employees

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 Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes for Employees

Sending holiday (or anytime) corporate gift boxes for employees is a great way to encourage and uplift a team... but especially while everyone is working remotely! While hosting virtual summits, conferences or even happy hours can help bring everyone together, creating corporate gift boxes for employees is a perfect way to bring that virtual experience to life. 

We love working with teams to create employee gift boxes to inspire & encourage the members of their organization! Whether you are looking for employee appreciation gifts or want to create virtual event gift boxes for a remote conference, we can help you create the perfect custom corporate gift boxes.

Interested in more information about corporate gifting? Follow the link below to get in touch with our team! 

Corporate Gifts with Box+Wood Gift Company

Looking for a more relaxed gift for employees? Follow the link below to learn more about our corporate care package program. 

Corporate Care Packages



Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes for Employees- Client


We worked with the team at GlobalHealth Strategies to create a holiday corporate gift that would encourage & delight their team. During a time of continued remote working, it was important to send a gift that embodied the culture of the organization and would make the team feel like they were back together! 

Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes for Employees- Gift


The goal of this corporate gift box was for it to feel warm, gender neutral and a little festive… without being overly holiday focused. We also wanted to include a few branded elements, without sacrificing the overall aesthetic. What we ended up with is a custom corporate gift packed with so many of our favorites! We paired a porter ceramic mug with Mayana Chocolate’s spicy hot chocolate… which also happened to include a pop of on brand orange in their packaging! We also included a custom branded bag of caramel popcorn, a candle tin from Candlefish and a few of our favorite Mast mini chocolate bars. The final product is an employee gift box that the whole team loved!

Gift Boxes for Employees- Packaging


We packaged GlobalHealth Strategies’ employee gift boxes in our signature Box+Wood  pale grey box and french blue ribbon. To pull in their branding, we included custom gift tags, custom stickers on the tissue paper and a custom branded notecard to each employee!


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