Custom Gifts for Employee Appreciation Day

Custom Gifts for Employee Appreciation Day

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Send Custom Gifts for Employee Appreciation Day

Your employees work hard and deserve to be recognized every year… but especially this year! Whether your team is working remotely and balancing life at home or coming into the office, this past year has put a lot of strain on everyone in the workforce. While employee appreciation gifts are a welcome treat throughout the year, employee appreciation day can function as a wonderful annual reminder to invest and encourage your team! Looking to send gifts for employee appreciation day? We can work with you to create thoughtful, custom gifts to send directly to your remote team or to the office for you to personally distribute.  


Employee Appreciation Day while working remote

When is Employee Appreciation Day?

Employee Appreciation Day is March 5th, 2021. If you are interested in sending gifts directly to your employees, we recommend you reach out by early February to create a custom gift or mid February to send a pre curated gift box to your employees.


Wondering how to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day while working remote?

Gift Ideas for Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day Custom Gift

Custom Curated Gifts for Employee Appreciation Day

Whether it is custom gifts for remote employees or employee appreciation day gifts for your team working from the office, a custom curated gift box is a thoughtful way to show how much you appreciate your team.


While we offer both pre & custom curated gifts, we recommend a custom curated gift if you are looking for custom branded products or creative & unique ideas that will only be reflected in your gift. Some of our favorite custom curated gift contents include custom branded socks, custom printed seed packets, custom printed notebooks and custom etched champagne flutes. We can also bring custom themes or feelings to life, such as sitting at a outdoor cafe in the summertime.


When creating a custom curated gift, we keep the process as simple and thoughtful as possible. Initially,  we will connect with you to discuss themes and any ideas you have in mind. This conversation usually lasts 15 minutes and helps us get a clear idea of your vision. From there, we will begin working on your custom mockup & proposal. We allow for unlimited revisions at this stage and are more than happy to make as many changes as needed to create the perfect gift. Once we’ve landed on a gift you love, we will jump into production and get started creating your custom employee appreciation day gifts. 


Learn more about Custom Gifting.

Employee Appreciation Day Pre curated Gifts

Pre Curated Gifts for Employee Appreciation Day

A pre curated gift box is a great way to send a branded employee appreciation day gift, without going through a full custom gift design. We will use one of our gifts as a starting point, add in any additional branded material (such as a custom tag, notecard or tissue paper sticker), and be ready to go! Want to make some adjustments to the gift? WIth our pre curated corporate gift boxes, we are also able to accommodate any product swaps to ensure the final gift is perfect! 

Employee Appreciation Day Cheers Gift

A Cheers to the Team Themed Gift Box

A Cheers to the Team Gift Box is perfect for a full loving team that is ready to celebrate (even if the celebration is only that fact that they made it through another week)! When sending gifts for employee appreciation day, it is important that they make your team feel known...If your team’s pre-covid work routine included weekly happy hours, this gift could be perfect for them!

Employee Appreciation Day Spa Gift

A Spa Themed Gift Box

Has the strain of the past year been especially hard on your team? Encourage your remote employees and give a little extra pampering to those struggling in the office with a spa themed gift box. A spa themed gift can feel like a trip to the spa, sent directly to their door. With a wide array of pampering products, we can customize this gift to be a hit for all staff members. 

Coffee Gift for Employee Appreciation Day

A Coffee Themed Gift Box

Who doesn’t love/ need an extra jolt? A literal “pick me up,” a coffee themed gift is a sure fire way to encourage your team. A coffee themed gift is a great way to celebrate employee appreciation day when you have a large team because it is gender neutral and has a fairly wide appeal. When you have a large team and you send gifts direct to your remote employees, it is a good idea to select a gift that will appeal to the largest number of recipients.

Employee Appreciation Day Work From Home Gift

A Work From Home Gift Box

Working from home has been a challenge for so many of us, and I’m sure your team has felt the strain! While many have adjusted to balancing work and life in the same space, it is a nice idea to send a little bit of encouragement and help their way. We love the idea of including essentials, such as a beautiful notebook, as well as a little joy, like a chocolate bar or essential oils!

Employee Appreciation Day Care Packages

Corporate Care Packages for Employee Appreciation Day

If you are looking to send a gift that is slightly less formal, our Corporate Care Packages for Employees may be the perfect fit! These care packages are custom created, based on the theme and budget you select! From Work From Home to Foodie, we are sure to come up with a gift that will encourage remote employees and make everyone feel celebrated. 

Learn more about Corporate Care Packages for Employees.

Employee Appreciation Day Gifting Portals

Custom Gifting Portals for Employee Gifting

Are you ready to send custom employee appreciation day gifts but not ready to source and organize everyone’s home addresses? We have you covered! 


With our custom gifting portals, all you have to do is email a custom portal link to your team! From there, they will submit their mailing address directly to us. We will keep you up to date on the addresses received and manage all fulfillment… you can sit back & relax knowing every aspect of your custom employee gifts are covered! 


Learn more about our Custom Gifting Portals.

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