Custom Branded Employee Gift Boxes

Custom Branded Employee Gift Boxes

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Custom Branded Employee Gift Boxes

Managing team morale and creating a unified culture within an organization is a challenge at anytime... but especially while everyone is working remotely! While hosting virtual summits, conferences or even happy hours can help bring everyone together, creating corporate gift boxes for employees is a perfect way to bring that virtual experience to life. 

We love working with teams to create employee gift boxes to inspire & encourage the members of their organization! Whether you are looking for employee appreciation gifts or want to create virtual event gift boxes for a remote conference, we can help you create the perfect custom corporate gift boxes.

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Custom Branded Employee Gift Boxes- Client


We were honored to work with the team at AMP Agency to create fully custom gift boxes to send to their employees ahead of a corporate values relaunch! Our team worked to pull together physical representations of their refreshed values, which include ideals like openness, empathy and growth. While we curated the products, like seeds and candles, their team created the custom designs that are featured on the packaging. It was a joy to work with their creative team to bring these corporate gift boxes to love, and we love the way they turned out!
Branded Employee Gift Boxes- Gift


The custom gift box that we put together for AMP Agency is a true private label corporate gift box.... from the actual gift box to all of the contents, everything was custom packaged and completely on brand. This includes custom printed seed packets, custom labeled candles, luxe, double thick thank you cards for employees to send to their clients and a custom notebook. While each item represented a different value, they also served to inspire and encourage their team. This gift box included some wonderful contents, my favorite of which is the custom printed seed packet.

Branded Employee Gift Boxes- Packaging


Just like the actual gift, the packaging for this employee gift box is totally custom! We created a black gift box with a high gloss logo printed on top and filled it with black crinkle paper, which helps elevate the entire gift. Along with the custom items, the gift included a custom note and brochure that helped explain the new values of the company. Finally, the boxes were wrapped in a custom printed gift box sleeve, which creates an overall polished feel.

Are you interested in sending custom corporate gift boxes to your team? Whether it is 50 or 5,000 gifts, our team is ready to work with you to make the process easy & seamless. Reach out to our team at 706.389.8296 or

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