Corporate Gift Boxes for Ongoing Client Gifting

Corporate Gift Boxes for Ongoing Client Gifting

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Corporate Gift Boxes for Ongoing Client Gifting

Thoughtful, ongoing custom client gifts 

After creating numerous meaningful client gifts for ITN Networks, putting our heads together to create the Spring Gift Send was such a treat. Like us, ITN thrives on curating thoughtful gifts for their client gifting program that is usually themed, but not heavily branded. Our team had so much fun working with ITN to determine the gifting themes, and the items that they wanted to include in these two gift boxes.

Custom Ongoing CLient GiftingHand Packed Corporate Gift Boxes

Custom Client Gift Box Contents

For this particular send, we created two custom branded client gifts, The Luxury Home Gift Box and The Picnic Gift Box. The Luxury Home Gift Box included functional items like a candle, leather coasters, and an organic hand soap. The Picnic Gift Box held items like a utensil set, a Turkish towel, crackers by Hayden Mills, a yummy jam by Trade Street JamCo., and mixed nuts by Jocelyn & Co. - all items truly perfect for a picnic! We love that ITN Network wants the items that they choose for the ongoing client gifting to be purposeful.

Hand Packed Corporate Gift BoxesPicnic Themed Corporate Gift Boxes

Custom Client Corporate Gift Box Packaging

Both gift boxes were beautifully packaged in grey Box+Wood Gift boxes, each adorned with an ITN blue ribbon, custom gift tag and ITN enclosure sticker. With an ITN embellished notecard, we individually addressed each client to ensure a personable and curated feel to the gift. As a company, it is just as important to ITN Networks to have custom corporate gift boxes along with their customized items that they are gifting their clients. We love that we can create recurring client gifts for them that checks off all the boxes of their gifting criteria. 

Outgoing Corporate Gift Boxes with Custom BrandingClient Gifting

Custom Client Appreciation Gift Design

Crafting client appreciation gifts like these brings us such joy knowing the recurring client gifting has had such a positive response within ITN Networks and their clients alike. Corporate gift boxes do not have to only consist of branded cups and pens, although there is nothing wrong with that, they can be carefully curated and personalized gifts to fit any occasion. It brings us so much joy seeing that ITN Networks chooses to work with us time and time again for all of their corporate gifting needs, and for that, we could not be more grateful.

Ready to send custom corporate gifts of your own? Follow this link to get in touch with our team!

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