Employee Onboarding Gifts with Box+Wood Gift Company

Employee Onboarding Gifts with Box+Wood Gift Company

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Employee Onboarding Gifts

We love when our clients come to us looking to create meaningful employee onboarding gifts for new hires. It shows that they really care for their new employees, and want to make them feel as cared for as possible. Not only does an employee onboarding gift box help welcome them, but it gets them excited to start their new adventure at your company. This could also be a great option if your company is still working remotely. An onboarding gift will let your new employee know that they are valued, even if you are not meeting face-to-face. Check out some of our tips below, and let us know if you are interested in sending thoughtful gift packages to your new team members! Employee Onboarding Gifts

Make Your Gift Useful

Whether you are aiming to fill your gift box with a leather notebook and high quality pens, or a scented candle and leather coasters, be sure you are choosing curated items that are substantial, made to last, and above all, useful! We love putting together gift boxes where we know the items have opportunities to be used time and time again. Putting together a gift box that takes a bit more thought is that much more meaningful, and it will show your soon-to-be employee a little glimpse of what it is like to work at your company!

Tie in Your Company’s Branding 

We always say there is a way to have your branding included in a gift, without it becoming overly branded. It is great to include your company colors throughout the packaging, whether it be through the ribbon detailing, customized note, or including a sticker enclosure affixed to the tissue paper inside the box. There are so many ways to tastefully add in your branding, while still maintaining an elevated and clean look. 

Corporate Gift Boxes for Employee Onboarding

Include a Personalized Note

One of our favorite ways to add more significance to gifts is to include a handwritten note. It is an easy way to add a personalized touch and make it that much more customized. Welcome your new team member, and let them know that you and the rest of your team are so excited to have them aboard! 

New Employee Onboarding GiftsSleek Packaging

Just as the contents of the new hire gift box are important, so is the packaging! Having a well-rounded gift, from the packaging to the items inside the gift box, is so important. We love that we are able to work with our clients on what boxes fit their style, and round them out in ways that fit their needs. Corporate Employee Onboarding GiftsWork with Our Team

Here at Box+Wood Gift Company, we are dedicated to creating thoughtful, custom corporate gifts for organizations of all sizes! Interested in creating your own custom employee onboarding gift boxes? Reach out to our team at corporate@boxwoodgift.com or 706.389.8296. Gifts to send new hires

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