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September 22, 2021

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With our Custom, White- Label Gifting Campaigns, you can send corporate gifts that feel like they are coming directly from your team (if your team were really, really good at creating beautiful gifts). 

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It’s hard to believe, but as we head into Q4, we are already fast approaching the time to lock in your holiday corporate gift boxes! Whether you are looking to send thoughtful Christmas gifts to your top clients or festive New Year’s gifts to your team, we have the options and gift designs to make the entire holiday corporate gifting process as seamless as possible. Let our team handle the hustle and bustle of ordering, packing, and shipping your gifts while you relax, knowing everything is handled! If you are looking for even more reasons to go ahead and lock in your holiday corporate gift boxes, booking your gifts in October will help ensure you reserve a prime shipping date. The most popular dates for pre-Christmas delivery are already booking up (we’re looking at you, December 3rd & 10th), so it is a good idea to get your order set up early.

Holiday Corporate Gifting with Box+Wood Gift Company - Send gifts directly to your clients that they will love!

Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes with Box+Wood Gift Company

While truly custom holiday corporate gift boxes (think getting on a call and our team designing a gift specifically for you) is almost all we do during the year, when we get into Q4 we like to roll out our Holiday Corporate Gifting Catalog to offer additional options to fit your needs! For many of our clients, custom-designed gifts still fit their needs the best… but if you are looking to easily select a gift with a custom gift tag and card for 20 clients, our catalog will help simplify the process!

Ordering Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes Directly from the Holiday Catalog

The holiday season is fast approaching. You know you need to send holiday corporate gift boxes to your clients, but you don’t have the time (or energy) to handle figuring out what to send… You know you don’t want to revert to generic gift cards again, but you haven’t thought much past that. If this sounds like you, our Holiday Corporate Catalog Gifts might just be the perfect option! Every gift can be custom branded and thoughtfully packaged, but all you have to do is pick your gift out from the catalog. Want to make things even easier? We can work with you to create a custom form to gather your recipient’s addresses! Just email them a link and we take care of the rest! 

Customize Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes with Catalog Gift Product Swaps

Is a gift from our catalog almost perfect, but just missing something that would make it feel like it was really from you? Easy fix! We can customize any of our catalog gifts with product swaps- whether that means replacing a Porter mug with a branded option or adding in a custom-printed deck of cards, we are happy to make any adjustments to make your catalog gift just right! 

Design Custom Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes

This is the bread & butter of our business, what we focus on for most of the year and what our team excels at! We LOVE working with our clients to create totally custom gifts that feel like they are coming directly from them. Want to create a holiday gift with a circus theme? Sign us up! Need to send 5,000 confetti poppers and champagne flutes to celebrate New Years with your team across the country? We’re your people! The more out of the box an idea is, the more we love it! That being said, in order to create our best work, we are limiting the number of truly custom clients that we are taking on for the 2021 holiday season. These spots are starting to fill up, so if you are looking to go through the whole custom process with us, please reach out as early as possible!

Custom corporate gift boxes for Christmas | Box+Wood Gift Company

Popular Holiday Corporate Gift Themes

Whether you are working with our team to design a custom gift or want to shop straight from our catalog, there are always a few themes that seem to outshine as the most popular. On the custom gifting side, we are seeing a rise in clients leaning towards fun, quirky and personal feeling gifts. From recreating their office’s party to designing a gift based on the company’s mascot, we are seeing a focus on gifts that are individually tailored to the brand. 

For our catalog gifts, they have been created to easily fulfill our most common gift requests at a range of price points.

Cocktail & Virtual Holiday Party Corporate Gift Boxes

Whether it’s your team, clients, or partners, cocktail-themed gifts are a great way to celebrate this past year. We especially love the idea of creating a custom and festive cocktail recipe with your cocktail-themed corporate gift!

Work from Home or Office Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes

Is your brand or organization looking to send a gift that is appropriate for a large number of recipients? Are you hoping to check boxes for things useful and gender neutral? While it is slightly less festive than other options, a WFH or office-themed corporate gift is a great way to gift items that will actually be used by your recipients and is appropriate for a large variety of people. Plus, if your brand is built on values like consistency, support, and reliability, office-themed gifts can easily tie into that message.

Coffee Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes

Coffee themed corporate gift boxes are one of our most popular holiday catalog items! Not only is coffee amazing, there are so many fun options when it comes to packaging of the actual coffee. From private labeled blends to coordinating the coffee to go with your brand colors, there are a lot of ways to make an impact with coffee. Outside of the actual beans, there are many innovations (hello, Ember Mug) and options for customization that make coffee gifts a consistent winner in our books.

Cozy Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes

Cozy & Christmas go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows. Our cozy corporate holiday gifts are packed with items to jumpstart a festive winter break. From candles to cocoa, these gifts will send your recipients tidings of comfort and joy.

Corporate Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes- Packaging Options

Each of our holiday catalog gifts also includes a bit of custom corporate gift branding- we will include a custom printed gift tag, note card, and sticker with each gift! If you are looking to customize your gift even further, we have the option to brand and customize every portion of your gift packaging.

Holiday Corporate Gift Boxes

Work with Box+Wood to Send Holiday Gifts to Your Team or Clients

As a corporate gifting company, Q4 and the holiday season is a bit like our super bowl! We’ve been preparing all year, and we are ready! That being said, there are still a lot of issues when it comes to supply chain and shipping delays, and we are worried about the role that these issues are going to play this holiday season. If possible, we encourage our clients to get an early jump this year and have all holiday gifting locked in before November 1st. 

As always, we are thrilled to work with so many wonderful organizations to send thoughtful corporate holiday gifts to their clients and teams, and we would love the opportunity to work with you as well. Whether it is 24 gifts straight from the catalog or 500 custom gifts with a custom holiday design, our team is here to make the process seamless and joyful! Follow the links below to get in touch with our team or request our Holiday 2021 Corporate Gifting Catalog! 

Contact our Team / Request our Holiday Catalog

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